Manfred of Sweden
Manfred in his Roma jacket
Jonas Blanking, Malmo's Ambassador of the Year, 2006.
At the "Oscar gala" - The Golden Night - at Slagthuset, Jonas Blanking and the Boblbee Company were presented with the Ambassador of the Year award from the city of Malmo.
J.B. was born in Malmo, 1965. He works in central Malmo, but has product development in Tokyo, Las Vegas and Hong Kong as well.
"To search for the simple, discover the small, understand the big and never stop asking why. Design or life conception - for me it's all the same".
People in motion - in the city or at leisure has become a strong characteristic for J.B. His products have surfaced in 19 Hollywood movies, such as Charlie's Angles, The Terminal with Tom Hanks, that was a recent success. Or how about nine TV shows such as Star Trek.
Cooperation with Ferrari and Volvo Convertible where only the automobile customers are entitled to a specially designed bag. J.B. has even designed a Ferrari. He has also collaborated with Disney and Nike - multi-national companies that are coming to Malmo. Eye-ware selling in 60 countries is one of many ongoing projects.
J.B. products have received a Gold Medal from the Trade Minister of Japan, as part of a design competition with 2000 participants - G-mark design Good Design 2001, and the very coveted Red-Dot Award in Germany 2005.
Design creates it's own path. J.B. is a designer that clearly shows that innovative design is not only technical conquest and lifestyle, it also creates new companies and trademarks. Trademarks that internationally are firmly tied to Malmo.
Malmo Ambassador of the Year.
The price goes to one or more persons, working in Malmo or elsewhere, that through his/hers contribution or actions have been a strong voice in promoting Malmo. This person/persons have in this way strengthened the positive image of the city of Malmo.
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Two friends relaxing on a rainy afternoon in the Old West part of Malmo, just a stone’s throw from where it all began.
Designer and Malmo Ambassador Jonas Blanking and Manfred of Sweden. Manfred has just gotten a third generation BOBLBE-E which will help when Manfred wants to relax in style.