Dog's fashion

History There is evidence from ancient Egypt that people were using decorative collars to adorn their dogs. One collar was discovered in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian nobleman Maiharpiri in 1440 BC. It depicts hunting scenes embossed into leather. The dog's name, Tantanouit, is visible on the collar. He was a favorite dog of the nobleman who he wished to bring over into the afterlife with him. There are also silver, gold, silk and velvet decorative dog collars from the time of King Henry VIII which were used to represent how many battles the dog survived. During the Renaissance dogs were seen as objects of possession and thus collars were fitted with padlocks where only the owner of the dog had the key. Nobility and the upper class have been decorating their canine companions for centuries and there is photographic evidence from 1900 of people dressing their dogs in human costumes. These black and white photographs from 1900 are of Bulldogs dressed in clothing. Today it is common for people to dress up their dogs, particularly small dogs, and canine clothing has become a global phenomenon. In 2011, there was a dog fashion show in New York called Last Bark at Bryant Park.
Published at: 20-08-2018